Do you have friends from Brazil (Br) or Portugal (Pt) and want to say more than: Oi, tudo bem? (Br), or Olá, como está? (Pt/Br), which both mean, “Hi, how are you?

Do you want to travel to Brazil or Portugal; to know more about Portuguese and Brazilian carnival, soccer, music, culture? To see the World Cup this year or the Olympic Games in 2016?

Whatever your reason may be for learning Portuguese or about Portuguese speaking countries – you’ve come to the right place.

Please contact me if you want to learn the language or already speak it and have any questions; if you’ve traveled to Brazil or Portugal and want to show the world your pictures or insights about the places you visited; or if you have anything related with the Portuguese language.

My goal is to teach, learn and share everything I can about Portuguese and I hope we can do this together.

How are we going to do this? You will find in this website pages and posts. The pages are Basic Portuguese, Intermediate Portuguese, Advanced Portuguese, Why learn Portuguese, Curiosidades linguísticas, Aprender brincando (learning and having fun) and About me; the posts are divided into categories – Let’s hear some musicLet’s learn about culture and Let’s travel – each of them with subcategories. The pages Intermediate Portuguese, Advanced Portuguese and Curiosidades linguísticas are written in Portuguese. All the videos have Portuguese and/or English subtitles.

With your help, this website will be ever evolving. I will try to post new content every week. Together we can expand people’s knowledge of the Portuguese Language and all things related!

Oh, one more thing: English is not my native language, so if you see any spelling or grammar mistakes on my pages and posts, please let me know. After all, we are all still learning, everyday!

Please send me your ideas, contributions and questions so we can make this website as complete, accurate, current and fun as possible.

Thanks / Obrigada 🙂

Professora Claire.

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  2 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Oi, professora. Gostei muito do teu website, como sabes também ingles não é minha lingua nativa mas como colaboração acho que no final o correto seria: as fun as possible. Confira. Bjs Marlene

    • Oi Marlene, muito obrigada pela colaboração! Eu já estava corrigindo quando decidi ler de novo a frase toda e notei que usei o primeiro “as” antes do ‘complete’ e considerei então que ele valeria para todos os adjetivos que foram citados depois – accurate, current and fun – as possible. Vou pesquisar mais pra ver se está correto o que fiz. Thanks again!