The Alphabet: European Portuguese


The Alphabet: European Portuguese

Speakers of Portuguese from Portugal and from Brazil pronounce some letters and words in a slightly different way.

You already know how to pronounce the Brazilian alphabet , now let’s check out the European pronunciation. Of course, the alphabet is the same!

Here is an informal phonetic transcription of how the European alphabet sound in English:

A  [ah]       B  [beh]       [seh]       D  [deh]   E  [ay]       F  [ehf]
G  [geh] [a-gah] I  [ee]       J  [jota]       [éhl]       [éhme]      
N  [éhne]       [óhr] [peh]        Q  [qay]       [éh-rre]       [éh-sse]      
T  [têh]       U  [oo]       V  [vay]        X  [shish]       Z  [zay]

Listen to  this video and repeat each letter carefully, trying to get the correct pronunciation.

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