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One more video about Portugal here. It’s a 7 1/2 minute film made for the portuguese pavilion at world exposition expo Shanghai 2010. The production is fantastic, you’ll love it!

Portugal, Uma Praça Para o Mundo | Portugal, One Square for the World

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Another good reason to learn Portuguese: To visit Portugal and interact with the nice people!

Portugal has breathtaking sights of the Atlantic ocean,  a truly scenic countryside and beautiful cities. It’s inexpensive and the public transportation system is great: reliable, clean and comfortable. There is history and culture on every corner, it is a peaceful country and the portuguese people are welcoming.

I am going to post here some videos about Portugal and about other countries and places where people speak Portuguese.

The first video shows about fifteen different beautiful places in Portugal; the second video has a narrator speaking in Portuguese and has no subtitles. Good for your listening! You can watch the same video in English here.

The beauty of simplicity

Visit Portugal (Turismo de Portugal)


Did you  like the videos? What about going there and see it all? Start checking out this book: Michelin Green Guide – Portugal, Madeira and Azores

Have a wonderful time!